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UniversalEmployee.com provides software development to all domains and industries

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UniversalEmployee.com provides software development to all domains and industries

UniversalEmployee.com has industry specific knowledge so that they can deliver value-added design and development services to clients. UE offers following services in all domains and industries.

 Business Analysis
 Travel Portal
 Hotel Management
 Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
 Accounting
 Payroll
 Utility Billing
 Performance Management
 Income Tax Administration
 Dashboard
 Service Order Management
 e-Billing & Payment
 Inventory Control
 Medical Office Software
 School Management
 File Format Conversion
 Embedded Software Development
 CRM (Customer Relationship Management

Increase your ROI by using custom Software Development Solutions
UniversalEmployee.com is an offshore staffing company located in India. UE deliver robust and innovative software design and development solutions to IT industry. We serve IT industry globally. Your software developers work exclusively for you from your offshore office located in India. You can hire them for full time/part time for converting their ideas in to a product.

We have developed 3000+ software projects based on C++, .NET, Java, iOS, Android and PHP. You can hire experience employees from us to create complex business applications, custom databases, and cutting-edge new applications to fulfill your business needs.

UE’s Work Culture
UniversalEmployee.com offers affordable and integrated software development solutions to the clients to get a meaningful ROI.
• We adopt crystalline and simple work environment.
• Perfect and coherent communication with employee and client.
• Result oriented project management.
• Real time collaboration.
PHP Developer
Java Developer
.Net Developer
CMS Developer
UE’s Software Development services
CMS Development solutions delivered by dedicated employees
UniversalEmployee.com provides software development to all domains and industries

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