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Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and MNC should hire Universal Employee rather than offshore freelancer for outsourcing:

1. What is your price list and how is it effective for our business?
We know that there is a big difference while we are moving forward for outsourcing for Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and Multinational Companies. A big and considerable cost and resources are required to work for a multinational companies. Many MNCs are interested to collaborate with some big outsourcing service providers and establish their offshore working site in India.

As we are the business analyst, we know that if you require an employee for short time in less investment and for auxiliary priority work then it is the effective decision to hire an offshore freelancer for a particular project. If you hire a freelancer who will not work properly, you will lose your potential in business.

The hired offshore freelancers perform their task in a very short time period and at very less cost so that client get substantial profit in their business. According to this it is proved that offshore freelancing play an important role in this industry. We know that SMEs has deficiency of manpower and can’t invest more money for their long term projects. So hiring of offshore freelancers is a quite good decision which can turn in to the profit of the company. We hire Offshore freelancers for full time, who are dedicated towards their work.

We know that hiring of a freelancer is equivalent to take a risk in our business. Because freelancer work for many clients at a time and we can’t monitor them. Sometimes it may occur that they suffer with limited resources which are not in favor of our business. SMEs do not have any alternative to get technocrats, efficient and full time employee. Because of this it is very important for SMEs to take decision of hiring offshore freelancers to reduce cost. Universal Employee is the only one which can offer this service in a very good manner.

There are many shortage of resources associated with freelancers and therefore they do not work efficiently. Freelancers are not suitable to work in corporate for a long time. There are some points which directly affect freelancers work:

Priority: Freelancers work on commission basis. They prioritize their work according to the payment. They will work for higher paying clients first.
Dependability: The client can’t totally depend on freelancer work. Because freelancer can only work when he/she gets time to work. They will work in their convenience. So the company can not wait for their work.
Dedication: Freelancers are not committed towards their work and you are not a single source of income for them. Therefore they never put up their 100% dedication to the work.
Short term Solution: We adopt totally unspecified way of recruitment of freelancers. After recruitment no one is responsible to take care of all the responsibilities, whether it is related to work or related to payment. This induces a wrong impression.
Professionalism: Professionalism stands to deliver the task on time and in a proper manner. As a freelancer is concern the organizations are totally at clemency and no one is take care of that.
Supervision and management: There is no any management to take care of freelancing work. No physical supervision is present to instruct freelancers.
Dummy offshore freelancers: Freelancers are not doing their work in a professional manner. Sometimes their work impression goes wrong. Many freelancers purchase some more freelancers and enhance the business.
Collaboration: Freelancers work in their own time line and independently. There is not any meeting and interaction between clients and freelancers so conflict will come between them.
Infrastructure & Hardware: We ensure about the infrastructure and equipments associated with freelancer. We should properly analyze their work culture.
Confidentiality: We should ensure that the freelancer should make your project confidential. You are going to share your details of project to an unknown person.
Trust: Trust is the keyword of any profession. So if you are hiring a freelancer then be assure that the candidate is trustful or not.

In short we can say that as freelancers might be reducing your over all cost, recruiting them is some how ineffective and time consuming if they are hired for long term. Many times some cases come in front of us in which client and employee need to meet but not able to collaborate and communicate messages to each other. They are not ensure how long they are working. The client is always uncertain about the output from freelancer as they have not committed to client. So client is always in search of a new freelancer.

Technocrats and efficient employee is the need for development of any company. In current era it is the demand and requirement of employing virtual resources for long term projects. Hiring for a virtual resources is not mean to hire a freelancer. If you hire your candidate from Universal Employee you will get qualitative, reliable, stable and consistence employee and get the same results as you will get from a local employee. The only difference is cost which matters for SMEs. You will be ensured that your employee will work only for your project and with full dedication. The work allotted to them will complete within time limit because they have prioritize your work. Apart from that you can communicate, collaborate and share your messages with them by fixing a meeting as per your business requirement. Your virtual employee are determined and regulated. Your employee will get the unique infrastructure and equipped with latest hardware and all these things are managed by our managers and HR personals.

Our HR managers and executives stay on site and monitor employee’s working style as instructed by clients. We say that UniversalEmployee.com is a unique recruitment solution to the clients and take care of all recruitment process and complete them in a well managed manner.

As we are offshore recruitment company and have an excellent experience in relevant field and help you to get a qualitative and full time employee. You can conceive our Indian office as auxiliary and annex of your US or Canada office. We deliver you dedicated and qualitative permanent professionals for a long time which is better than hiring a freelancer.

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