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Skill sets of employees you hire from UE

You can hire a dedicated virtual assistant to perform a number of tasks. Here are a few examples of those tasks.
1. Personal and Executive Assistant
Are you in trouble in responding to clients quickly? You don’t worry about that after hiring a personal assistant from UE. You deliver all the task of handling your emails, purchases, and meetings to them. This will provide you more time to focus on your core business activities.

2. Receptionist and Admin Tasks
If you hire Virtual Receptionist and Admin from us then they will take care of your data entry, scheduling, billing, bookkeeping, CRM management and transcription work. UE’s receptionists have pleasing personality and good communication skill. They have great convincing power.

Real Estate Support
Hire virtual Real Estate employees from UniversalEmployee.com and get support for irksome tasks related to real estate in order to get more free time to explore your core business. So, hire virtual real estate employees from us for real estate jobs such as posting MLS data on websites, loss mitigation, short sales to focus on closing.

3. Customer Support
Customer assistance and customer support both are very important because these impart an effective impact on your business. Your time is very precious so you need to focus and utilize your precious time in your core business. So don’t involve yourself in time-consuming and laborious tasks. You need to focus on smart work in order to enhance your business.
So hire virtual customer support resources from us who will respond to your customers via live chat, email queries, and tech support etc.

4. Social Media Management
UniversalEmployee.com has a team of well qualified and skilled social media professionals who are responsible to promote your business products or messages on public site such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn etc.
Advantages of hiring a virtual office assistant for your business
Decision of hiring virtual office assistant imparts economical and effective result in your business. Here are some benefits given below:
 You don’t worry about your administrative as well as some technical tasks because your virtual office assistant will take care of that.
 You improve your efficiency multiplex.
 You no need to invest on capital costs, employee benefits, operating costs etc.
 UE’s professionals deliver cost-effective solutions to your daily business tasks.
 UniversalEmployee.com is responsible for Medicare, unemployment, federal taxes, and state tax.
 Your virtual assistant work only for you and in your time domain.

Why should you hire employees from UE?
UE’s personal assistants are well qualified and having pleasant personality. They have good experience in handling international clients. They have idea to deal with higher authority in company such as CEOs, MD, VP and VVP etc.
Apart from that UE offers mere selection process in order to provide right employee to the right client. The personal assistants that you hire from us are capable of handling your routine business operations with great ease. They are responsible to schedule your meetings and are knowledgeable in different type of secretarial jobs. They work from a well-managed office based in India. UE’s employees are equipped with latest technologies to communicate and collaborate with you and your clients if required. Our clients are assured for their data security from internal and external onset.

Hire offshore Personal Assistance from UE, because:
 UE’s employees are well-versed in office administrative tasks.
 They complete their task within given deadlines.
 Our office is well equipped with advanced communication technologies such as skype for video conferencing so they can work without bugs or work disruptions.
 We are flexible for number of hiring as required to you.

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