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Medical Processes

Why prefer UniversalEmployee.com to outsource your Medical Process in India?
Dealing with healthcare revenue cycle processes such as coding, billing claims, insurance verification etc. are very feverish and time-consuming process for medical assistants who are responsible to take care of in-house patient and medical emergencies. Now medical industry reforms and regulates its healthcare facilities with IT innovations have made it even more complex. This has ensued to healthcare facilities to outsource these services to expert providers.
UniversalEmplyee.com.provides expert services for the integral range of medical revenue management processes, and many medical services such as medical content analysis, medical image enhancement and many more. UE’s dedicated medical professionals have sound knowledge of healthcare IT and a sharp business focus coupled with vulnerability to healthcare regulations to deliver value-added services to our global clients including insurance payers, medical practitioners, hospitals etc.

UE’s solutions for healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceuticals
UE’s Medical Process and revenue cycle management (RCM) services provides to the following areas:
 Medical Transcription
 Medical Record Indexing
 Medical Billing
 Medical Claims Audit
 Medical Coding
 Insurance Verification
 Payment Posting and Tracking
 Teleradiology Services
 Payment Reconciliation
 Denial Posting and Management
 Regulatory Reporting
 Medical Illustration and Animation Services
 Medical-Clinical Content Analysis
 Medical Image Enhancement
Our global clientele include solo physicians, multiple insurance payers, hospitals and medical facilities, pharmaceutical companies etc.

We offer the latest Medical Revenue Management Services and Medical Processes
UniversalEmployee.com is an offshore staffing organization. UE provides healthcare experts as well as many medical services to its international clients. Our services are customer-centric and cost effective and deliver timely if client facing unpredictable staffing needs and challenges.
UE’s medical process includes account receivable management, transcription and payment posting services. For third party payers and insurance, we offer clinical support, claims administration, overpayment recovery etc.We also responsible for medical-clinical content analysis and market assessment services such as medical animation, teleradiology, imaging enhancement services etc.

Our medical professionals are experienced and well versed in medical techniques. They are capable to handle statutory regulations, deficient skill-sets for reports, medical content analytics, HIPAA regulations and ineffective in-house procedures in billing and collections and many more.

Why should you partner with UniversalEmployee.com for outsourcing Medical Processes and RCM services?
UniversalEmployee.com plays an effective role in the healthcare business processes and clinical services space. WE deliver medical process services at affordable price and ascendable expertise with industry-relevant healthcare IT proficiency to its global clients.
1. Our healthcare professionals are experienced in modern healthcare IT and software, and knowledgeable in CPT, ICD-9 and coding levels—providing value-added and relevant solutions.
2. UniversalEmployee.com assures you about your data security and confidentiality of information.
3. Eliminate capital investment associated with medical processes.
4. Increased dictation volume or staff shortage.
5. UE helps to reduce management expenses.
6. IT abridges direct labor cost.
7. Reduce IT responsibilities.
8. Enhance accuracy and turnaround time.

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