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How a client outsources

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How a client outsources?

How a client outsources should be simpatico with and generative for the client’s business. Thorough knowledge and analysis is required before proceeding for outsourcing.
There are many methods by which client can outsource. The client should look for

• “What is the most productive and qualitative method to outsource for their business?”
• “What are outsourcing methods, give best result for their company?”

The above questions are very important when client is going to outsource. As discussed if the metod of outsourcing is mismated with and does not leave an impact on the client’s company, then cost saving and quality of outsourcing service stay far away. In many cases, it may be the client attains desired result but it was not achieved in a proper manner then it will not give an effective impact on client’s business for future aspect.

The client should decide a productive and qualitative method for outsourcing. The clients should think about many circumstance or factors that directly affect business. The client should take care of the following factors

• The client does want to hold project management control of work in their hand or not?
• Does the client require long term or short term outsourcing?
• Does the client require collaborative work environment with their offshore team or not?
• What is the method of outsourcing?
• What is the nature of work is the work in core or completely back office work?
Does the client’s business have the capacity and tractability to work and outsource in proposed manner?

A standard method of outsourcing that works more expeditiously with client’s company results higher cost saving and best quality results than a lower outsourcing cost option that is incompatible with the client’s way of working.

Just take an example to exemplify and compare how hiring a dedicated offshore resource as Universal Employee is better than an offshore freelancer?

Take for example
1 The client who wants to work intimately and cooperative with their offshore resources
2 The clients want to control project and work forthwith with their offshore resource.
The client proceed in this manner, got higher compatibility and efficiency in their business by hiring Universal Employee over a freelancer. This is only because Universal Employee is a compatible and dedicated offshore resources provider, working only for empanelled client for same office time. In addition to this the client can supervise and collaborate with the employee on their remote site based in India.

Whereas an offshore freelancer works for multiple clients at the same time from their home with limited resources and work in their convenient time period. Due to this it is very difficult to communicate and collaborate with each other.

Practically it is not possible to get the same result to hire either Universal Employee or an offshore freelancer. The rating of collaboration and communication of a particular project will be less in case of offshore freelancer as compared to Universal Employee. In turn, the client get inefficient and long delay in work which results a lot of defeat and tension in business. Therefore the freelancer takes more time to deliver the same result by Universal Employee.

Hence, it is proved that the cost of hiring an employee by UE is more as compared to freelancer but cost saving is more by hiring the Universal Employee.

As client look for “What are outsourcing methods, give best result for their company?” Client explore the market and find that the most costly outsourcing method works better and efficiently than the lower cost outsourcing methods. In brief, a client should look for the quality and efficiency of the hired employee which they can get in Universal Employee.

The method of outsourcing may be simpatico as per the client’s requirement and company. The cost of outsourcing may be low and the outsourcing vendor may be too much talented and experienced. However, the vendor implements the business model incorrectly or ineffectively manner.

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