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Why should you choose UniversalEmployee.com to hire dedicated JAVA developers?

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1. Why should you choose UniversalEmployee.com to hire dedicated JAVA developers?
1:) UniversalEmployee.com is a renowned organization and gives you a platform for offshore outsourcing. You can select your own dedicated JAVA developers who will work for your projects from India.
2:) UniversalEmployee.com gives you all the controls related to your employee as well as project development at every stage.
3:) Your Employees are equipped with the latest technologies such as Skype, Instant Messenger, videoconferencing and a local telephone number from your own country. You can easily communicate and collaborate with your employees as required.
2. What are the advantages of engaging dedicated JAVA developers? • If you hire a Java developer from UniversalEmployee.com, he/she will work only for you and within your timeline. • UniversalEmployee.com assists you at every step so that the hiring process becomes easy. • UE has a huge collection of resumes. You can hire world-class talent and experienced employees from UE at reasonable price. • UniversalEmployee.com takes all responsibility such as Taxes, PF, and Medical Insurance etc. of the employees. Your dedicated JAVA developers are UE’s Employees. You do not need to take care of all these responsibilities so you can concentrate on your core business. • UE attends to all HR and IT issues. We take care of technical provokes also. • UniversalEmployee.com has well-maintained office in India, your JAVA developers work exclusively on your project. So our client does not have to investment on office space, software and hardware. 3. How do you work with your JAVA developer? • Assign projects, responsibilities and time line for completion of project to your dedicated JAVA developers in India. • Supervise and review the way of execution of the project by your Java developers. • Relay constructive feedback to your JAVA developers in India. • Client asks the JAVA developers to adopt and use their own data protection guidelines. • Ensure the safety of your critical data is being handled properly or not. • Communicate and collaborate with your JAVA developers daily to make sure that your project is in the right hands and move onwards in a proper manner. 4. Why is Java so popular? Java is popular for its portability and security features. JAVA offers high level of security and movability towards your website and web applications. You don’t worry about quality. 5. Why is Java so popular in corporate? Java is popular for its portability and security features. If you want to maintain maximum level of security on your website and web application without compromising its quality, Java is for you. JAVA language accelerates the growth of business on internet. A time came when you see each website was using Java applets. JAVA upgraded day by day and become more relevant and suitable for modern enterprise development. 6. Java is platform independent, what does it mean? Java does not need any platform to run its applications. We can run Java applications on almost any operating system. Java applications are safe and secure and don’t need any hardware, operating system and software to run. Java applications can run only when JVM (Java Virtual Machine)is installed in your device. Java applications can run on any household electronic device, like microwaves, televisions, music players, mobiles etc. by installing JVM. 7. What type of applications can be developed using Java? Java is used to develop many applications. We can develop desktop applications and web applications using Java. However, the real potential of Java lies in client-server computing needs. Because of this Java is the default choice for any company and is being used vigorously worldwide. 8. What skill sets do you need to look for while hiring a Java developer? Java developer should have excellent and thorough knowledge of Core and Advance Java. The developer should have understanding of Object Oriented Programming and knowledge about DBMS, RDBMS and OODBMS. The candidates also should have proficiency in Apache Tomcat, IDEs and NetBeans. PHP Developer Hire offshore PHP Developers We provide end-to-end PHP development solutions using the latest technologies Hire technically sound dedicated PHP developers having hands on experience in PHP website development. Our PHP candidates have excellent skills in core PHP technologies, frameworks, and CMS. These are the value added skills for your PHP-related work. PHP development tools offer a high range of security and complete project management system. Our employees have proficiency in LAMP/WAMP architecture development, custom PHP programming, e-Commerce PHP platform and development, Drupal/Joomla CMS portal development, CMS developing using PHP frameworks, and social media integration using PHP. You can hire for the following Technologies  LAMP StackLinux : Apache, MySQL, PHP, PHP5  PHP Framework : ZEND, CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter, Yii  CMS : Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress, PHPNuke, Mambo  Forum : PHPBB, Drupal Forum, Expression Engine, vBulletin  CRM : IntegrationSugarCRM, Vtiger, Salesforce  eCommerce : Magento, CS-Cart, X-Cart, Zen Cart, osCommerce, 2CheckOut  Web Development Technologies: Dojo, jQuery, Json, AJAX, XML parsing, Web services, CSS, HTML How can you hire PHP Developers UniversalEmployee.com offers end to end PHP Development solutions to clients. You can hire experience and dedicated offshore PHP developers from us at an affordable price. We adopt following methods to hire an offshore employee for you:  After you share your PHP requirement with UniversalEmployee.com.  We search for the candidates and shortlist them as per your JD.  Test and interview shortlisted candidates, forward them for final round by Technical team lead.  Finally we present these resumes to our prospective client for interview.  If the client is interested in candidate’s profile then they can hire him/her. Frequent Asked Questions 1. Why do you hire dedicated PHP Developer? Businesses require customized PHP development that suits their individual requirements. Customized PHP solutions reduce errors and acquire a better control of your business. You need talented and experienced PHP developers to get PHP development which is a unique requirement for development of your business. You hire offshore PHP developers. You can manage them in your own way. 2. What are advantages of hiring dedicated PHP developers? • UniversalEmployee.com offers you a virtual PHP developer who works only for you and follow your guidelines. • Your dedicated PHP developer works in the same time zone as you do, irrespective of your geographical location. • You can convey your messages to your remote employees as well as discuss issues related to the project. Convey your messages mean you can get customized PHP development solution. • You hire dedicated PHP developer at low cost because you hire employees from an economically cheaper location. 3. How can UniversalEmployee.com enhance your business? UniversalEmployee.com is the hub for hiring dedicated remote employees. Our working module is designed to maximize benefits of our clients.  You share your requirement with UE and UE delivers the perfect matching PHP developer for you.  We have a huge Data base of talent available with us.  We first shortlist the candidates at our end and finally forward them to you for interview.  UniversalEmployee.com gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the team size as required any time.  Your PHP developers are equipped with modern communication devices to collaborate online with your offshore employee.  UE offers a world-class office infrastructure to your dedicated PHP developers.  UniversalEmployee.com is responsible for delivering all required software, hardware, office space, and infrastructure to your dedicated PHP developers. 4. What are the PHP technologies that we use? UniversalEmployee.com offers technically sound PHP developers and use following PHP technologies a. Core PHP b. Drupal c. Magento d. Joomla e. ZenCart f. OsCommerce g. WordPress 5. What are the different frameworks that they use? Our PHP developers use all PHP frameworks to give customized solutions. Some of the frameworks are given below: a. Zend b. CodeIgniter c. Yii d. CakePHP 6. How is our project life cycle unique? UniversalEmployee.com has its own project life cycle. UE’s project life cycle has been designed in such a manner so that we can give all PHP solutions as per requirement of our clients. a. UE made the initial design of project. b. That project design is then sent to the client, to get approval. c. When the client approves the project design, our developers convert it into HTML/CSS. d. At last, functionality is added as required by individual clients. 7. How do we secure your critical data? UE ensures the client gets maximum security of their data. a. UE shares the source codes with limited employees such as the Technical Lead, developer and the Quality Controller. b. UniversalEmployee.com has SVN system to store the vital and important data of clients. c. All external drives in the systems are disabled which are used by developers. 8. What are the advantages of using PHP language over others? In today’s scenario PHP is very popular, easy and secure language used in web application development. Incorporating open source technologies like MySQL, AJAX, etc. PHP is the most preferred web development technology. Websites and web applications developed using PHP are more cost effective than open source technologies. 9. PHP is ideal for developing small or medium sized web applications. Is that true? The social media sites such as Yahoo and Facebook are based on PHP. Apart from this CMS Drupal is being used by leading publishing houses. So it is not true that PHP is only for developing small or medium sized web applications Hire ASP .Net , C# and VB .Net Developers You can hire dedicated ASP .Net, C# and VB .Net developers at reasonable price UniversalEmployee.com has a great database for Dot Net developers with excellent experience in Framework such as 2.0, 3.5, 4.0 and SharePoint 2010. The Dot Net professionals hired from UE are reliable and technically sound. These professionals work exclusively for one client at a time and are equipped with latest software, hardware, and infrastructure. You can contact and share your messages with offshore employee via videoconferencing and PC Sharing which is provided by UE. Technologies you can hire for with UE Framework : .NET framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5 Database : MS-SQL –2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, MYSQL,Oracle, MS Access Language : C#.net, VB.net, VB 6 Scripting Languages : JavaScript, JScript, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, KnockoutJS Programming technologies : ASP.Net, WCF, WPF, Silverlight, ADO.net, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap Framework Tools (Development/Design) : Visual Studio 2008, 2010 – (Professional Version), 2012, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, DreamViewer, InDesign, Illustrator, FireWorks CMS : DotNetNuke, Umbraco, Kentico, WebMatrix CRM : IntegrationJitbit, Salesforce Shopping Cart and eCommerce tool : netCART, Kartris, nopCommerce How Does UniversalEmployee.com Work? I. Share your Dot Net JD with UE. II. WE share a lot of shortlisted resumes with client. III. Test and interview the shortlisted candidates. IV. If the client is interested in hiring the candidate after the interview he can do so right away. FAQs by clients 1. Why do you hire dedicated .Net Developer from UniversalEmployee.com? Dedicated .Net professionals hired from UniversalEmployee.com have a great reputation over other remote resources because  The recruited offshore employee will work only for you.  Employee will adopt client’s work culture and client has all the controls in their hands.  Client will get a full time employee at Indian salary package.  Your Dot Net employee works under your supervision and in a well-equipped office located in India. 2. Why choose UniversalEmployee.com as offshore vendor?  UE provides technically sound and dedicated employee who works only for our client.  UE follows an excellent hiring method so that clients get handpicked employees as required.  Don’t worry about initial investment on infrastructure, software and hardware. These are UE’s responsibility.  We have a quick resolution for any issues related to HR or IT reducing downtime for your employee.  UE is responsible for Tax, Labor Laws and Insurance as dedicated .Net professionals are our employees.  The employee works the same time zone as you work.

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