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Frequent Questions asked about our cost

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Frequent Questions asked about our cost

1. What is your price list and how is it effective for our business?
UE offers pre-paid employment services to the clients. Pre-paid service means you need to pay before you opt our services. Once you share profiles with us and we deliver the perfect matching profile of the candidate to you. If you will get the perfect match then we quote for one month salary of that employee. We will email and send a hard copy of invoice by courier after 15 days of joining of candidate.

2. Are UniversalEmployee.com services pre-paid?
Yes, we have pre-paid service system. In this if client interviewed a candidate and select him/her then UE raise an invoice of demand for first month before joining of the candidate.

3. What is the reason behind 15 days notice period?
UniversalEmployee.com always signs a contract of 15 days notice period with candidate as well as client. The fee of 15 days is paid in advance before candidate starts working on client’s site. The contract is made with client of 15 days because they should inform before 15 days about termination of our services.

4. What are the services and equipments included in price list? Is there any hidden charge:
When you share your required profiles with us, we start to work for that. We send you a lot of matching profile resumes with their respective price list. The price which we have quoted includes employee salary, infrastructure, well equipped office, management and the HR solutions. Your employee start his/her work from our office and entitled for all the facilities available in office. There are no any hidden charges, but sometimes few exceptional cases come out and for that client need to pay extra.

5. What is billing process and deadline
UniversalEmployee.com offers pre-paid payment mode. It means we take charges before employee start working on client’s site. After that UE will send you invoices on monthly basis. UE send the bill of forthcoming month before employee start to work for next month on client’s site. For example if candidate join your organization on 1st February then UE needs the receipt before 1st March. We are very straight forward about our billing process and deadlines.

6. How many modes of payments are available
We have two modes of payment. This can be done by Master Card , Visa Card.

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