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1. Why do you hire dedicated PHP Developer?
Businesses require customized PHP development that suits their individual requirements. Customized PHP solutions reduce errors and acquire a better control of your business. You need talented and experienced PHP developers to get PHP development which is unique requirement for development of your business. You hire offshore PHP developers. You can manage them in your own way.

2. What are advantages of hiring dedicated PHP developers?
• UniversalEmployee.com offers you to hire a virtual PHP developer who works only for you and follow your guidelines.
• Your dedicated PHP developer works in same time domain as you do, irrespective of your geographical location.
• You can convey your messages with your remote employees as well as discuss issues related to project. Convey your messages mean you can get customized PHP development solutions.
• You hire dedicated PHP developer at low cost because you hire employee from an economically cheaper location.

3. How can UniversalEmployee.com enhance your business?
UniversalEmployee.com is the hub for hiring dedicated remote employees. Our working module is designed to maximize benefits of our clients.
 You share your requirement with UE and UE deliver the perfect matching PHP developers for you.
 We have huge DBMS for IT talents.
 We first shortlist the candidates at our end and finally forward them to you for interview.
 UniversalEmployee.com gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease the team size as required any time.
 Your PHP developers are equipped with modern communication devices to collaborate online with your offshore employee.
 UE offers a world-class office infrastructure to your dedicated PHP developers.
 UniversalEmployee.com is responsible for delivering all required software, hardware, office space, and infrastructure to your dedicated PHP developers.

4. What are the PHP technologies that we use?
UniversalEmployee.com offers technically sound PHP developers and able use following PHP technologies
a. Core PHP
b. Drupal
c. Magento
d. Joomla
e. ZenCart
f. OsCommerce
g. WordPress

5. What are the different frameworks that we use?
Our PHP developers use all PHP frameworks to give customized solutions. Some of frameworks are given below:
a. Zend
b. CodeIgniter
c. Yii
d. CakePHP

6. How our project life cycle unique?
UniversalEmployee.com has its own project life cycle. UE’s project life cycle has been designed in such a manner so that we can give all PHP solutions as per requirement of our clients.
a. UE made the initial design of project.
b. That project design is then sent to the client, to get approval.
c. When client approves the project design, our developers convert it into HTML/CSS.
d. At last, functionality is added as required by individual clients.

7. How do we secure your critical data?
UE ensure the client to get maximum security about their data.
a. UE shares the source codes to limited persons such as Technical Lead, developer and the Quality Controller.
b. UniversalEmployee.com has SVN system to store the vital and important data of clients.
c. All external drives in the systems are disabled which are used by developers.

8. What are the advantages of using PHP language over others?
Today’s scenario PHP is the foremost popular, easy and secure language used in web application development. Open source technologies like MySQL, AJAX, etc. PHP is the most preferred web development technology. Websites and web applications developed using PHP are more cost effective than open source technologies.

9. PHP is ideal for developing small or medium sized web applications. Is that true?
The social media sites such as Yahoo and Facebook are based on PHP. Apart from this CMS Drupal is being used by leading publishing houses. So it is not true that PHP is only for developing small or medium sized web applications

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