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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO comprises the transmission of processes along with functional activities and responsibilities, to a third party. It was first started by great manufacturer such as Coca Cola to outsource large sections of their supply chain followed by British Airways, American Express, Swissair and GE. BPO services results to decrease cost and increase productivity and innovative capabilities to any organization.
India takes care of 56% of the world BPO and 70% of the revenue generated by BPO industry from call centers. Indian BPO centers offer inbound and outbound call center services on a 24*7 basis. The BPO executives are responsible to answer customer’s queries and resolves issues via e-mails, chats and phone calls etc. Apart from this Indian BPO provide technical support services for installing, running, maintaining and troubleshooting etc.
During the completion of its 15 years, BPO sector is expanding vigorously and acquiring rapidly. It has expanded its geographic reach, verticals and attracted new customers. Among this development, India has fastened her position as the preferred global outsourcing destination.

Hire Business Process Outsourcing Executives from UE
Hire Indian Customer Care Executives (CCEs)
India provides you voice and non voice process. In both processes our executives resolve customer’s problems up to their satisfactory level. They handle support-related calls, complaints information inquiries, and other queries from customers. Customer’s problems and concerns are resolved through inbound calls. Our outbound BPO experts also call to customers for promotions, telemarketing, sales and other verification services etc.

1. Chat Process– UE’s Chat Process executives answers Live Chat requests from customers on behalf of our clients. It’s a text-based process. UE’s dedicated customer executives have high-grade customer service skills and are ready to work in the rotational shifts.

2. Email Process– UE’s Email Process executives deal with a clients or customers through email. They are capable to resolve customer’s problems related to their email ID and password. They write and send emails to customers and receive emails from them on a daily basis. UE’s Customers executives aim to deliver prompt and customer’s satisfactory solutions to your customers via emails and build a rapport with them.

3. Blended Process– UE’s Blended Process Executives are responsible to answer both incoming and outgoing calls. They also provide telephony customer care and support on various issues. Our well managed team of experts offer customer care services in record time round the clock.

1: Hire Indian Customer Care Executives (CCEs)
2: Hire Indian Technical Support Executives at Indian price

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